Imagining A Better World. Again.

Man, for all the goodness in him, can fall prey to perversions of tragic proportions.
Thus, we see lawmakers and government officials
who in their hubris think they are above the law.
There are some priests and religious
who in their self-righteousness believe they are beyond sinning.
There are businessmen and entrepreneurs
who in their greed and selfishness see everything, and often everyone,
as theirs for the taking and for amassing.

I imagine a world where people live in peace and harmony
where laws and regulations will no longer be needed
for everyone will be loving and respecting others.
And it is possible. It can be done.
Here are people living in centuries-old enmity
who refuse to be enemies any longer:

I imagine a world where people truly care for others, for the environment
and for people who are different from them,
when people will no longer hate others nor do violence against them.
Here are some lessons on revolutionary love in times of rage, anger and hate:


I imagine a world where hunger and poverty are finally vanquished,
with greed and selfishness vanished from the human mind.
We have the tools and resources to finally defeat poverty, hunger, sickness, and illiteracy.
Here is a doable action plan suggested by a human development professional
born out of his field experiences:


But there will always be tears and heartaches even as man seeks for perfection and make this world a better place. In prayer, I humbly acknowledge that I am not immune to such tendencies and fervently ask not to be led me into temptation but to be delivered from all evil that surround me, but specially of the evil that is within me. I will be forgiving of those who have me as I ask for forgiveness from those whom I have hurt and wounded.

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