Life, Intentional not Accidental


I am intentional, not accidental.
I refuse to accept or to believe that I am an accident.
There may not be any compelling reason why I should exist.
Yet, there is Someone who intended that I should.
In the vast sea of humanity, Somebody meant me to be me.

Man has imagination, reason and will.
We can choose to act of a whim or an impulse.
But often, we act for an intention.
We have dreams; we have plans.
We set up goals and work to achieve them.
Yes, what I do and what I say
spring from these goals and dreams,
as well as my values, my morals, my ideals.

But once my actions and my words are done by me,
their consequences are out of my control.
Sometimes, they bring me the results I want.
Other times, I get results better than I expected.
And still other times, I get no results at all,
or exactly the opposite of what I intended.
Yet, in the overall scheme of my life,
there is definitely an amazing story unfolding.

If not intended, would again all of these accidental?
I believe in synchronicity, when things simply fall into place.
Then there is serendipity, when when the totally unexpected happens.
But the more these happen and i see a pattern,
I am simply awed and I say, “This must be grace.”

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