Clean Is Beautiful & Holy

Praise for them springing fresh from the word

Cleaning is good not only for the body and our physical surrounding but also for the heart and soul. Some cleaning is routine and ordinary. Other cleaning can be difficult and even painful. Dirt, like sin, degrades what is human in us and contribute to our unhappiness and bitterness.

Sin is like dirt and it comes withe the territory of being human. There are some who would see man in his utter sinfulness and see him as nothing more than a ball of turd, totally rotten and stinky. Then, God’s cleans away that dirt with his amazing grace. He clears that sinfulness until man becomes dazzling white as snow.

I see myself as a spark of the Divine, a ball of pure love and energy. But through my sinful ways and utter self-centeredness, I would often cover that light with layers upon layers of grime and shit, shutting out the light. God’s amazing grace removes all that encrustation, layer by layer, until my light comes shining through again in all its dazzling glory.

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