The Voice In The Wilderness


The world today is like a depressing wilderness.
Like a gloomy forest, it looks dark, dreary, cheerless.
The winding trails seem to lead to nowhere
What a dismal place! No one seems to care.

There are wars and conflict in many different places.
There’s fear and anxiety in people’s hearts and faces.
Filled with selfishness and greed, it’s each man to his own.
The weak and the helpless can do nothing but groan.

Yet in this wretched wilderness, there is a voice.
Proclaiming there is hope and we have a choice.
For out of the darkness, a blinding light will shine
The voice consoles us with His words, “You are mine.”

Out of nothing, He fashioned the stars and the heaven.
All that there is came to be when His word was spoken.
“Let there be light”, He said and there was light.
And His Word became flesh one cold December night.


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