Newness Of Life


This was now the third time that Jesus appeared to the disciples after he was raised from the dead. ~ John 21:14

The past few days have been very hot and people have been seeking a relief from the heat by turning on the air-conditioning or going to the beaches. When it is cold, we seek the warmth of the fire or of a cuddle. The darkness seeks the light and the chaos seeks order and pattern. What is dirty wants to become clear and what is murky eventually becomes clear. Everywhere around us are indications of new life and the resurrection.

Here is is something I posted from four years ago:

There is in mankind’s collective memory is a deep longing for a paradise we once had and lost. And literature is replete with stories of our collective desire to regain this lost paradise: Atlantis, Utopia, Shangrila, Erehwon, Matlock. Easter is God’s announcement and inauguration of this new heaven and the new earth, where there will be no more weeping and no more tears, giving us firm reasons for hope and joy. And where God’s words find roots and bear fruits we see this paradise regained happening here on earth. EDSA in 1986. GK communities across the land where the dispossessed regain their selves and dignity and in the process experience hope and joy.

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