How Can This Be?

But Mary said to the angel,
“How can this be?”
~ Luke 1:34

In the world of particle physics, there is no rhyme nor reason. Just randomness. A single proton and a single electron move about hither and thither with no particular pattern nor reason. In fact, physicist talk only of probabilities in trying to tract the movement of sub-atomic particles.

And yet, move reality up one quantum notch higher, that one electron and one proton will always go together to form hydrogen – the most plentiful substance in the universe randomly all over the place. And whenever an hydrogen atom encounters an oxygen atom, if and when the conditions are right, there will always be an H2O molecule – water, the life-giving substance in our world.

There is a lot of randomness and uncertainty in our world. But there is also a lot of meaning and reason at our level of reality. Often, like Mary, we find ourselves wondering, “How can this be? How is this possible?”

There is the God of Randomness and Unceertainty who is able to coax light out of the darkness and chaos. There is the God of Surprises and Serendipity who creates meaning and purpose out of all the randomness and uncertainty around us. There is the God of Love and Mercy who through His unexpected generosity and boundless goodness have given us the gift of life.

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