To Live Is To Give

Jesus went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him. Mark 3:13

Solitude and being alone does not make me uncomfortable. But I also immensely enjoy being with people. This is something I got from Ima. As a child, I remember her taking me along whenever she would go to visit her friends or family, and that was quite often.She also loved receiving and entertaining visitors. Having people come for a visit was never a bother for her, even when they come unannounced. She’d always have something some food and drinks to serve them. And more than the shared food, there were the stories that were exchanged.

Ima had a special place in her heart for the underdog, for those whom others maltreat or ride roughshod over. She is very caring and provides the bullied or the downtrodden a welcome refuge. She makes them feel they have a defender and an ally in her. But she could also be very demanding in return. She gives out a lot but she also expects a lot in exchange.

I have learned that when I give and relate to others out of my loneliness and aloneness, I tend to be clinging and grasping. I would selfishly demand attention and even care. It is when I relate to others out of my uniqueness and preciousness that I can foster healthy relationships. If I can respect the goodness in myself, I will see and appreciate the goodness there is in others. If I can see the Divine in others, I will not be demanding but loving that Divine spark in them. Then, love and respect guides our relationship.

Here’s a lesson to learn,
Life is meant for the sharing
For to live is to give.

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