A Heart Of Stone Is A Heavy Burden

A heart of stone is a heavy heart to carry. Right now, I am carrying the burden of hurt and broken relationships. There are several of my relationships with people who are close and ear to me that are frayed and damaged. I know I should mend them for these are important to me. But there are some where pride keeps me from making the first move. There are others where my selfishness is demanding the return of my pound of flesh. And there are still others where sloth and laziness keep me from making the effort to reach out.

There are other relationships that have been festering all these years and I have probably turned some hearts into stones by my insensitivity and inaction. There are some that are still hearts of flesh but are wounded and I have been wittingly or unwittingly pouring salt over the still fresh wounds.

“I grow cold. I grow weary. And I know I have sinned.” I know I am terrible flawed. I am imperfect and full of shortcoming.While I want to love and have done my share of loving in my lifetime, I am also in need of mercy. What a precious lesson that Pope Francis is preaching and teaching us. We are the beloved of God, also always in need of His mercy.

I need mercy now. I want to love but my weaknesses keep getting in the way. Mercy will wash away my iniquities and I seek a heart of flesh that can still love in spite of my woundedness.

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