A Heart Of Stone


His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’
John 2:5
 There are days I feel like a rock. Specially when buffeted by life’s worries and anxieties, I just want to be stolid and uncaring, shutting myself off from the world to spare me of anymore hurts and disappointments.Today is one of those days.

I wish I had more resources to be able to help all those who expect my help. I wish I had more things to give away to distribute to all who are in need. I wish I had more power to make things happen for those who are deficient in life. All these wishes only add up to my frustrations and push my low spirits farther into the depths.

And yet, in my sober moments, I know I have everything I need to be able to help others. I do not need wealth, power nor fame to love and serve others. In fact, when I heeded Christ’s call, it was a call to leave everything I had and follow Him. He came without wealth nor power nor fame. Without wealth, He created treasures that have lasted through the ages. Without power, He changed persons, communities and societies for the better. Without fame, He gathered a people unto Himself who found happiness and fulfillment in glorifying His name.

All He needs is my heart to show His love and care to others. All He needs are my hands to deliver that love and care. All he needs is my mind for me to know whom and how to love and care for. All He needs is me – to show his love and care, for me.

As I pray, I hear Mary’s advice “Do whatever He tells you.”. And just as He turned water into wine, I trust that He will turn my heart of stone into a hear of flesh,

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