Conversations and Encounters in the Mind

Moved with pity, Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, and said to him, ‘I do choose. Be made clean!’ Mark 1:41

I watch the sun and it just keeps on shining. For billions of years and for some billions more, it has been ablaze, seeking to encounter things in its vicinity to give light, warmth and yes life.

I feel the breeze and the wind just keeps on blowing. It blows wherever it will and whenever it will, fanning the earth and making possible the weather and the seasons. In the process, it makes possible the warm, the cold, and yes life.

I think of my mind – perpetually active and always burning with thoughts, always taking flights with ideas. Even when I am asleep, my mind is actively sorting, organizing and cleaning up my thoughts and I sometimes remembers these as dreams. When I am awake, my mind is in constant conversation with its environments, listening to voices and stimuli, responding often to the loudest.

But there is one persistent voice that speaks to my mind and my heart. It is often the softest and the wisest. It is often drowned out by all the other louder and more persistent noises. Even when I may not be aware, my mind is carrying on a conversation with God. I will strive to make this conversation a more conscious effort. In silence. In the quiet of being alone and by myself. For this will be a conversation that will go on for eternity.

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