Small Beginnings


Great endings often begin with small beginnings. Small terns feed along the shore under the shadows of the massive Morro Rock. Morro Rock home to thousands of birds finding shelters in its crevices and vegetation. Vegetation that is part of the ecosystem of the entire Morro Bay. Morro Bay that is home to millions of living things in various forms and sizes.

The start of the year is the time of people making plans and resolutions. I will seek small beginnings to work out some great endings. Here are some ideas from Sacred Space that I will work on this year:

  • Say “Thank you” to at least one person
  • Make one healthy choice about your body—food or drink or rest or motion.
  • Do one generous act, big or small.
  • Say “yes” to the day’s gifts.
  • Get quiet for five minutes, just to be still.
  • Let one person know that you appreciate him or her.
  • Do one creative act, big or small.
  • Allow yourself to consider what someone else is going through.
  • Do one thing well and with full attention.
  • Open your arms – and your heart – to God.
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