Three Movements in Prayer

I always pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And in there are the three movements in my every encounter with God.

In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light” and even since His Word had been waiting for a response to carry on a conversation. The Lord of Creation and History called Abram and he responded and became Abraham, the father of many nations. Through the burning bush and the mighty wind, through powerful deeds, through thunder and clouds, He created and fashioned a people to Himself who would do His bidding and make known His will to all. Abraham’s family became a tribe. The tribe grew into twelve. The twelve tribes became a people and came to the promised land. And this chosen people became a mighty nation. And the nation became a glorious kingdom. But they strayed and were led into captivity and exile, praying to their God, the Lord of heaven and earth, to send them a Messiah who will deliver them from their bondage and bring them into a new kingdom.

Then, God came to dwell among us. He became man in Jesus Christ to show us the way to the new kingdom. He taught us that more than a Lord, God is our father; that more than ordering our lives and making them possible, He wants to have a very intimate relationship with us – like a father loving and looking after his children. He taught how to carry on this conversation with God, why we should be talking to Him constantly, what we can talk to Him about, where and when we can talk to Him, and most of all how to talk to God our father.

Today, God is with us still carrying on this conversation. Where two or three are gathered in his name, there He is in our midst. The Holy Spirit inspires, guides and directs us to discern the will of the Father. The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom, courage and  strength to follow and do as Jesus had done  – to love God above all else and to love our neighbors as ourselves. To see and love Him in others so that where life is disrespected and abused, we will be there to speak against it. Where there are people in need, we will be there to give and share. Where there are the hungry and the oppressed and the poor, we will be there to serve. Where there is anger and hatred and violence, we will be there to show mercy and forgiveness.

Thus, when I pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I acknowledge God as the Lord of Creation and History; I accept Christ as my Savior who became man through the Incarnation and showed me the fullness of life through His Resurrection and who taught me how to pray to God as Our Father; I live today inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit to live and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News.
~ Psalm 117

Jesus was praying in a certain place, and after he had finished,
one of his disciples said to him,
“Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.”
He said to them, “When you pray, say:
‘Father, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come.
Give us each day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins,
for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us.
And do not bring us to the time of trial.'” 

~ Luke 11:1-4
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