Discipleship is a Choice

I am alive and life life is such a wonderful, unmerited gift. I have been endowed with reason to understand and make sense out of this life I have been gifted with. I have also been endowed with emotions as to help me know those things too complicated for my reason to comprehend. I have been endowed with a will as well to help me make my choices. Reason helps me discover my options and determine which one is best for me. My emotions drives me towards what I know in my deepest being to be the truth, the good and the beautiful in my life. And with my will, I make the decision which way to go.

That is the way things are supposed to work. But things are often not that simple. My reason can sometimes come up with false or wrong choices. And I go astray. Or, sometimes my reason comes up with the right and correct options but my emotions lead me where I should not be going. There are times my options are so conflicted that deciding becomes very difficult; in fact, so difficult that I would wish I did not have the freedom to choose and just go by my primitive instincts as most of nature does. When I can’t make up my mind, I need someone to help me.

I need someone to show me the way, where to go so that I can realize the promise and potentials out of my life. I need someone to show me the truth, for everyday I am bombarded with so much information I often have to struggle to know which is the truth and what are the lies. I need someone to show me life, for sometimes I do make choices that are destructive and harmful to myself and others.

Jesus said he is the Way , the Truth and the Life. But he does not want me to follow him blindly. He wants me to use my reason and emotions to know him more clearly and then use my will to decide to follow him more nearly and love him more dearly.

“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
Luke 11:14-23

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