Because I Am, I Can Choose

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Some world-views would have me believe that I am the product of some random events. I believe that I am the fruit of God’s indiscriminate love,
a love that is unconditional, inclusive and knows no bounds,
a love that simply keeps on giving like an inexhaustible spring.

It is easy to love those who love us or whom we like.
It is a challenge for me to love those I dislike,
who have hurt me or have been unkind.
It is easy to love during good times.
It is a challenge to love during times of difficulties, trials and hardships.
It is east to love a person who is good to me or who do me some favors.
But it is the test of true love to be good to those who cannot or will not return the favor, to love without expecting anything in return.

I have always been a sucker for mushy romantic stories, imagining these to be real love. But true love is much tougher.
That is why it does not break so easily.
I still have a lot to learn.

One big reason I believe I am not a random event is my gift of freedom.
While I was born without my being asked,
everything else in my life, I can decide on.
This freedom to choose is what defines man and sets him apart from the rest of creation. Man can choose what he wants and can do.
The rest of creation has simply to go by instincts and the laws of nature.
Man’s greatest achievements as well as his worst follies
come from his attempts to defy the laws of nature.

Life is difficult but even in the face of all disappointments and anxieties,
I can choose to be happy.
Life is full of pain and suffering;
but even in the face of allĀ the bitterness and anger, I can choose to love and care.
Life may sometime seem meaningless;
but even in the seeming worthlessness of life and the inevitability of death,
I can choose to be an agent of life and blessings to others.
And in a world so full of fear, anger and hate,
I can choose to do good.

Yes, I chose life, love, goodness and happiness for myself and for all the people in my life.

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