Wealth Impoverishes


P1390609There is nothing more impoverishing that wealth and riches.
I have heard it said rich people will make better public servants
because they will not steal anymore like an ordinary person would.
Our recent history has proven this false
for it is those who already had millions in their bank accounts
who have shown themselves to be the most rapacious grafters.
I myself have not been immune to the greed bug.
I sometimes mask it as wanting a comfortable life
but it all boils down to wanting to have more than my fair share of worldly possessions. It is easy to be generous out of one’s abundance.
It takes real character and deep generosity
to be able to share out despite one’s feelings of scarcity.

“Take care to guard against all greed,
for though one may be rich,
one’s life does not consist of possessions.”

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4 Responses to Wealth Impoverishes

  1. leegschrift says:

    This world what shall we make of it
    will it be a shopping mall for all
    will the trees grow back where life once was
    will we ever find the clue
    from what is wrong and what will come true

  2. Jose Raoul C Dizon says:

    Yes, Verne, there is real danger in wanting possessions and more possessions. On the one hand, they give us the illusion that acquiring them has been all our effort, in which case we become arrogant. On the other, we become possessed by our possessions, thinking that we have worked so hard and deserved everything we have, why should I care about your plight, you are responsible for yourself?, in which case we become uncaring and selfish. Arrogance and selfishness are just two sides of the same coin; and they spell the same: POVERTY, as your article says. Thank you, Verne, for sharing your Sunday reflections with us.

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