Life Will Not Be Denied


Sometimes, I imagine would my life as a field
and I would see this patch of dried up and desolate dead flowers,
twigs and grass as I zoom in on what I am going through right now.
But if I expand my horizon and see things in a wider angle and perspective,
I see my life as a green and verdant meadow.
Fragrant wild flowers are abloom everywhere.
All sort of animals are feeding and romping in the grass.
Nearby, a brook silently flows, refreshing and enlivening everything it touches,
even as all sorts of fish jump in and out of the waters.
In the distance are huge trees, some pregnant with fruits
and others inviting with their restful shade.
The patch of brown is withered, yes.
But it is just getting ready to be reborn into some new growth
of still other flowers or trees.
Indeed, the wide-angle view of my life make me realize
how blessed I am and have been.
Is it all chance and serendipity?
Or, is it the Presence writing His words into my life?
He who calls out, He chooses and He consecrates.

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