A Child of the Universe That Matters


It is a scientific fact that matter is indestructible. It is never destroyed but merely changed into another form or transformed into another state. The atoms, their number and configuration always remain the same.

In death, life is not ended nor taken away, but merely changed, transformed, reconfigured. The Christian term for this is the Resurrection. And the wonderful thing about is that I participate in that change, in that event. Matter is changed, transformed and reconfigured according to the laws of physics. In the resurrection, I can decide and work on what change, transformation, and reconfiguration I want to have. I have been promised that I can have life and have it to the fullest.

The first step to changing myself is called repentance. Metanoia, the early Christians called it, is a change of heart. This is grace at work in me and within me.

I may just be a tiny speck in the universe but I am a unique and unrepeatable event. My life story is all my own. To many, I may even be totally unpredictable. Science deals with that which repeatable and predictable.

At the same time, I have something in me a little bit of everything that there is in the universe. I came from the primal cosmic dust from the big bang. At the core of my being, I am made of the same stuff as the trees and the stars. This mystery of my uniqueness and yet being an intimate part of the cosmos fill me with absolute wonderment and unending gratitude. I often smile whenever I come upon that realization.

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