How Can One Not Believe?

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It takes the light of the sun eight minutes to reach us on earth. We are looking at some galaxies and stars whose light left some 15 billions years ago and we are seeing them only now. Imagine the magnitude of their energy to persist for such a long period. Imagine somebody leaving a message in that persistent energy that says ‘I was here, and there, and everywhere.’

The laws of physics say that everything eventually breaks down and disappears. And yet out of the dust, the dirt, the detritus and the decay something new, something better and something more beautiful always emerges: the galaxies from the big bang, planets from exploding stars, primordial living things from volcanic eruptions, creation as we know it from some cataclysmic weather changes.

And yet many are ready to believe that all of this is some chance event. It is not a question of evidence. It is a question of the heart. 

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