Love Is the Only Real Choice

To pledge their love to each other for eternity

Love soft as an easy chair
Love fresh as the morning air

Love is the only real choice in our world gone mad
and irrational over fortune, power and fame.
There are three kinds of loves:
love of God, love of neighbor and love of self.

He who does not love God is without any stable grounding
in this imperfect and ever changing world.
And he who loves only God is an intolerant and intolerable bigot.

The neighbor includes all the others in my life
and also the environment and nature that sustain us.
He who does not love the neighbor is a pitiable and insufferable loner.
He who loves only the neighbor is a misguided and naive do-gooder.

He who does not love self has nothing of value to offer
beyond the material and financial.
He who loves only self is a selfish and egotistic person.

It may be easy to say I love God whom I do not see.
It may even be easier to fall in love with one self.
It takes grace, effort and great generosity to love the neighbor.

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