Long And Winding


It’s a long and winding road, this journey of life.
Sometimes, I walk on the mountain top where it is sunny and exhilarating.
Other times, I walk along a stream down in the valley where it is cool and refreshing.
Sometimes there is a fork on the road and I must choose.
Other times there is a happy confluence of paths, serendipitous moments
when people, places and things just come together and the whole universe makes sense.
Sometimes I walk alone, but always there are people along the same path:
walking with me, passing me by, meeting and greeting me,
offering help, friendship and companionship.
Sometimes the path becomes thorny and even dangerous.
Other times there is no path at all and I may feel lost.
But I just need to remember this path and journey is all about what I am meant to be.

It is not always trudging ahead and moving forward,
or even going back or making detours.
It is about uprooting as it is about sinking roots.
An even ongoing rhythm of breaking camp and pitching tent.
I have had much uprooting in my life and I have sunk roots in many places.
It seems that I have broken camp every decade of my life.
And I have itched my tent in the most surprising and exciting places.
Yes, my journey has been both serendipitous and guided/directed.

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