Ask, Seek, and Knock


“Ask and it will be given to you;
For everyone who asks, receives.”

What is there to still ask for?
I have run out of things to ask.
Many things I have asked for have been given to me;
justas many things I have asked for have not been granted.
Did I receive because I asked
or would I have gotten them anyway?
Just don’t ask and make the best of whatever you have?
Or, just don’t ask so you are not asked in return.

“Seek and you will find;
For everyone who seeks, finds.”

I am done with my seeking and searching.
What is there still to seek and search?
Just keep still and and silent and quiet
and enjoy whatever you have already sought and searched for.
Much of what I sought, I found;
just as much of what I searched for I never obtained.
What is it I am seeking or searching for anyway?
At this stage of my life, it does not matter anymore.
Seeking and searching some more carries more aggravations and complications.
I do not have the stomach nor the stamina for that anymore.

“Knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” 

I am done with opening doors.
There are not many more doors left to open anyway.
And those that are left unopened are probably best left closed.
Besides, I am afraid of what might be behind those doors.
In fact, some of the doors I have opened
I have started closing again.
In my time, I enjoyed opening doors.
I always loved what I find inside.
There may have been some disappointments
but still in all, I am happy I have opened many doors in my life.
But I am done with that now.
Sometimes, I want to start closing more and more doors.
Shut myself in and just be with myself in the peace and quiet.


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