In the Image of the Divine






Ang nilikha mong kariktan
Sulyap ng ‘yong kagandahan




It thrills me to know that I am made in the image and likeness of God.
It thrills me even more to realize that I was made uniquely
and that there will never be another one quite like me.
If man is made in God’s image and likeness,
imagine how many billions of us mortals would be needed
to fully express the greatness and goodness of God, who is infinite.
Every human person is a spark of that divine infinite.
That is why each life is a God-moment and each life is filledĀ with God-stories.
There are times and places where I am more acutely aware of the divine
than at any other time or place.
I need to pause, experience silence and solitude
to resonate with this divine who not only created
but is drawing me ever closer to him everyday.
He who made me out of stardust is bringing me
back to the stars where I came from.
He who created me in his image and likeness
is drawing me towards unity with his Trinity of love.

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