This Is Probably What Prayer Is About


Yesterday, Anabelle and I again went on a hike
at Pulgas Ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains.
It was slightly overcast and a bit chilly.
But that made for an invigorating and salutary hike.

As we were walking, I was thinking:
how could I enjoy all this beautiful scenery and colors were I to lose my sight?
how could I enjoy the cool mountain breeze on my face were I to lose my sense of touch? how can I hear the trilling sounds birds around if I would lose my hearing?
how can I smell the sweet scent of the trees and wild flowers without my sense of smell?

Then, another thought struck me:
I could see more varied and vibrant colors when I closed my eyes;
I could hear more sounds and more melodious music when I shut my ears;
I could smell heaven when I stop smelling earthly scents.
Yes, I could feel eternity when I closed my senses,
when I go beyond and transcend time and space .

I guess this is what prayer is all about:
beyond the immediacy of the senses,
yet staying in the here and now,
is the encounter with what truly is.

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