Musings on MLKJr Day

Last Monday was MLK Day in the US.
His message and work for freedom, justice and equality
remain relevant to this day.

The bias and prejudices he opposed are still around even today.
Many of them are deeply embedded in the culture and society’s structures.
His life continues to be a witness and a challenge to many.
That life is stronger than death.
That only light can drive away the darkness.
That love is the only force that can transform an enemy into a friend.
And through it all, to persist and persevere in fighting evil
and doing what is right.

In some places, the oppression and exploitation is naked and unsubtle.
It is unthinkable that even today there are people
who could think of themselves as the owner of other people,
having a lien or bond over them,
even though this might be in a benign and benevolent way.
Even today, why are there still people,
and in some instances whole societies,
who would consider children and women as goods and chattels
to be owned and possessed as any material thing or object?
Love, compassion and forgiveness are the obvious answers.
But they are so obvious, right under our noses, that we don’t see them.
Oh when will we ever learn?
Oh when will we ever learn?

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