Sleep And Be In God’s Presence

Today is the birthday of a mentor, a brother, and a friend. He has gone to sleep in eternity. I am sharing one poem he wrote:



There are nights when sleep does not
come right away
Go to bed, not to sleep,
but to go into sleep awareness
If sleep follows
Well and good
If not, experience in bed,
the relaxation and peace

Of a deeper level of existence

Try this – go to bed not in order to sleep
Go to bed meditating
The sleep that follows will be a restful, healthy
And holy sleep

I have this strange notion that we are closest to God when we are asleep.
When we are awake, so many things demand our attention.
When we are asleep, our senses are at rest and so is our consciousness.
But our subconscious and unconscious are still active.
Undistracted by our senses and our consciousness,
that is when we can be most open to God.
It is no wonder that in many of the readings during the Christmas season,
there were many instances God spoke his message to people in their sleep
or through their dreams.
Just wondering if this makes sense.
Just wondering if this were the real thing.

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