Life. Paradoxically Beautiful. And Eternal



Life is so precious and beautiful we would want to keep and preserve it forever.
But life as we know it eventually dissipates or disappears or simply dies.
The paradoxical truth about life is that it is meant to be lived
and given away in love and service to others.
The more I try to hold and keep it, the more it dissipates and disappears and dies.
The more I give it away in love and service, the fuller and richer it becomes.
Yes, it is bound to go on forever.
A rainbow is always a sight to behold.
Try to keep and save it by getting to its ‘end’ and it is not there.
But be in the moment and simply enjoy its beauty and it becomes a joy forever.
I marvel as I gaze at a beautiful rose.
It does nothing but by just being there, it brings me great joy.
I try to understand and reproduce its beauty by getting down to its ‘roots’
and I end up with nothing but the pulse beat of a quark.
The sum total of the moments in my life
that I give away in love and service
will define the beauty and joy that there is in my life.
And that will make up my eternity.

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