The Presence In My Life


There is in every human being an abiding sense of awe and wonder.
We are always asking questions, specially why,
and forever seeking answers.
From my earliest recollections,
I have been trying to find out
what my life is supposed to be about.
Indeed, my life has been a journey of discovery and creations.
Sometimes, the journey has been easy and a breeze,
like a boat serenely sailing back home at the end of day.
There are times, it was difficult and stormy,
and my boat is like a piece of cork tossed upon a tempestuous sea.
I have cried in both joy and sorrow.
I have laughed often in sheer happiness
and sometimes in utter frustration.
There were times I have made of my life what I want it to be.
At other times, others helped me fashion out who I am.
And a few times, I have wondered what I have done with my life.
But always, every step of the way, my steps are led by a Presence –
sometimes tentatively,
at other times boldly,
but always to rhythm and tune of a melody
I seem to remember from eternity.

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