The Sound Of Silence


I love silence and I enjoy spending moments of silence.
Given I choice, I would a quiet nature scene to a noisy and bustling mall.
Sound is as natural to men as breathing.
Life is richer because of music, laughter and conversations.
Sounds add a depth and nuance of beauty into life:
the chirping of the birds,
the murmuring of the brook,
the lapping of the waves on the shore,
and the whistling of the wind.
If we quieted all human sounds, nature would still be singing.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called it the hymn of the universe:
from the explosions of galaxies to the constant and rhythmic beating of quarks.
And men always make a sound to express what they deeply feel inside.
For out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks:
a sigh when we feel bad,
a cry when we are sad,
a song when we are happy,
a scream when we are afraid,
three words when we are in love.
I often that it for granted but
I am thankful for the gift of hearing and the gift of speech.

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1 Response to The Sound Of Silence

  1. Yes, I believe that we all need some times of silence for ourselves just to take a break from everything and to enjoy the moment!

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