The Universe And The Christmas Story

Jesus said to the crowds:
“John came neither eating nor drinking, and they said,
‘He is possessed by a demon.’
The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they said,
‘Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard,
a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’
But wisdom is vindicated by her works.”
~ Matthew 11:18-19

Down to their smallest particles, everything that exists looks the same under the electron microscope. Scientists once thought atoms were the smallest building blocks for matter. Then, they discovered that atoms were made up of even smaller protons, neutrons and electrons. Now, they are saying that each of these particles are made up of three even smaller particles they called quarks.

These particles when observed can be defined either by their mass or as a wave of energy. And in the visible world, all matter can be defined by its mass and energy. In fact, Einstein with hid famous formula posited that all mass can be transformed into energy. And these particles move and behave in apparently very random manner.

There is a lot of the universe around us we do not understand. And it is possible there is a lot that exist that we do not even perceive. Scientists believe that there are parallel universes occupying the same space and time as we do but we do not and cannot just detect them.

Christmas, and the Christian narrative, have a lot of elements that taxes our reason and understanding. An angel comes to Mary to announce the birth of God taking on the human form. A young maiden becomes pregnant with her “knowing no man.” A child is born in a manger and yet the heavens exult to celebrate his birth. All these happened pretty much unheralded to the little town of Bethlehem and yet it becomes the beginning of the happiest season men have known.

Much as we don’t fully understand the essence of the universe but still it exists; so we do not comprehend the ways of God but still He moves among us and orders our lives according to His Divine Will.

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