Yet, Love



A tree silently grows
saying nothing, doing nothing,
in time, it bears fruits.




Man, like the rest of creation, needs food to keep alive. Yet some people create such delicious dishes that more than just keep us alive but are also meant to be shared in happiness with others. Our eyes were made to see. Yet there are those that capture sights that are shared in paintings or photography which inspire others. Our ears were made for hearing. Yet there are those who create harmonious sounds that warm the heart when sang with others. We can smell to tell us what is around us. Yet this smell also tells us someone dear is near. What is ordinary in creation is often taken for granted. Yet it can become extraordinary in our when done with and in love. Love transforms and changes people, places, things and events. Something may be ordinary or even considered a bane or a burden. Yet love can transform and change it into something extraordinary and even a blessing.  Milton, on his blindness, wrote: “They also serve who only stand and wait.”
~ February 14, 2012


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