Seeds And Beginnings

Praise for them springing fresh from the word.

I pray for the passengers and crew of Flight MH17.
They never bargained for what has befallen them.
Just like that, in one passing moment, their lives were snuffed out:
Obliterated into oblivion by a fiery ball of an explosion.

Cutting over to another fiery explosion at the beginning of time,
the Big Bang did not end up in obliteration nor oblivion.
On the contrary, it was the beginning of everything there is,
including us and our life as we know it today.

Explosions usually are the end and annihilation of whatever blows up.
But the primeval Big Bang was the inception of all that there is.
Spitted out cosmic dusts from that original ancient blast
Were the seeds that would give rise to life and existence everywhere.

“Let there be light.” He said and there was one big explosion of light.
From out of the chaos and nothingness, He created everything.
From something small as a seed, He made us all indeed.
He is the Lord of Creation, not of annihilation.

If I was made in His image, I was made to create and not destroy.
Yet, we are today too busy on using up and destroying
Everything beautiful and worth preserving.
We are too busy just using up and consuming
things that we have for our pleasure and self-gratification.

We were not made just to use up and consume the riches of the earth.
And when we are not consuming, we busy amassing.
Hoarding things, more than what we need for ourselves.
In the process, we destroy, annihilate, obliterate and use up the earth’s riches.

No, we were born to make and create and build.
We must add up to the beauty and riches round us
by making splendid things that last from the rich resources around us,
by creating works that will inspire others to greater heights of achievements,
by building lasting monuments to the goodness and beauty we are capable of.

When we use up and consume things, we destroy.
When we employ and use things for others, we build.
The explosion that ended MH17 destroyed and ended more that 300 lives.
The explosion at the beginning of time created us and the universe.

Lord, you are good and forgiving.

He proposed another parable to them.
“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed
that a person took and sowed in a field.
It is the smallest of all the seeds,
yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants.
It becomes a large bush,
and the ‘birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.’”
Matthew 13:31-32

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