I Am Not Alone

My phone and my computer are important to me for it is through them that I can stay connected with my family, my friends and the world. But I can live without them. I need my car to be able to move around and to bring Jonathan and Jane to school. But I can have a life even without my car. I cannot live without food but I can do without rich and expensive gourmet foods. I cannot live without clothes but I do not need an awful lot of clothes nor fancy name-brand apparel. I cannot live without shelter but I do not need a mansion to have a happy and meaningful life.

I can do without all of these things but I cannot have a life without others in my life. I came into the world because of other people and other people will come into this world because of me. Daily, I depend on so many others, both those that I personally know and those that I do not even know but touch my life very profoundly. And daily too, there are many who depend on me, both those I know and care for very deeply and many others whom I touch through what I do or say. I was never meant to live alone but always to be with others in this world. My life has been rich in blessings, joys and happiness. I have seen these multiplied and added on when shared with others. I have had my share of difficulties, pain and sorrow. These have been lessened and divided when others came to share in my pain.

I can live life without prayers but I choose to make prayer an important part of my day. Why live a life in the shadows when I can bask in the sunshine? Why live a sheltered life when I can be refreshed and nourished by the rain? Why let my spirit go hungry when I can nourish and nurture it by connecting to its Source.  It is in prayer that learn the truths about what I really need and want in my life. It is in prayer that I learn about the truth there in nature, the truth there is on others, the truth that life is not meant to be lived alone.

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac, and Isaac the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Judah . . . . Matthew 1:1-17

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