Use It or Lose It


Morning has broken and the sun rises over the Sierra Madre mountains,
once more to give its light, warmth and energy to the planet below.
The trees and the plants are astir to give shade, food and fresh air,
nourishing and nurturing this green paradise that is Earth.
It is in the nature of things to give, getting only what is needed.

In contrast, man is competitive. In the rat race, it is better to get than to give.
It is in the order of things to acquire and hoard. It is a zero-sum game.
What I have, I have denied it from you. What you have, I cannot have.
Unless you give it to me, which is frowned upon in this game.

And yet we never learn.
Nature says, “Use it or lose it.”
This physical law is as much a law in the spiritual life.
A given talent, if not used, is taken away.
A talent shared, unlike a physical possession,
when given away increases and becomes stronger.
A talent not used nor given away is all too often forgotten and lost.

Thus is the wisdom of nature.
Thus is the wisdom of grace.
What give away we receive a hundredfold.
What we want to save we must be ready to lose.
When we want to be first, start at the last,
When we want to lead, learn how to serve.

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