Beauty All Around Us



There is so much grace and beauty in the world
if we would just stop and look a while.
And yet, we keep on thrashing our planet;
we could end up destroying the only kind of environment
that would sustain our kind of life form.
There is so much anger and hatred and greed in the world,
we are caught up in a spiral of violence
and could very well end up killing off one another into extinction.
In the face of crisis and suffering,
the Christian drama (which is the Greek word for action) has always been:
‘He took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to his disciples.’
When Christ fed the hunger thousands,
he took the few loaves, blessed them, broke them
and gave them to be distributed.
As a Christian, I am called and taken, blessed, broken,
and given to the love and service of the other.

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