Heroes in Everyday Life

A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, great bravery, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

To get up every morning, before everyone else
To prepare the day for her family even before her own
To see to it that everything is in order even as her looks are not
Courage is not only facing danger, it’s also daring the daily striving
A mother’s courage and determination makes her a hero to her loved ones.

To live each day in danger, fighting for what is right
To care for all the others and not minding one’s own life
To speak the truth when no one else will or be honest when no else is
To care for the oppressed, the abused and the weak
To serve the least and find the lost and always have time for the last ones.
My Bishop’s bravery makes him the hero of the least, the lost and the last.

To teach the young ones even on a measly remuneration
To spend long hours tutoring young, impressionable minds
To witness the good and beautiful  in the face of all the bad and ugly things
To make young ones believe in a bright future in spite of everything
The youth are the hope of the fatherland but dedicated teachers are the guarantors
The youth’s heroes are their teacher for these outstanding achievements

To heal and to cure, without expecting any rewards
To spend sleepless night keeping vigil over a life
To give comfort and solace to those in pain and suffering
To be of service day in and day out
To be available in season and out
A doctor’s noble mission is hardly ever done
Until his battle against diseases is heroically won.

Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things
What others would have given up, they keep on striving
Heroism is not always written with blood or tears.
It is more like sweat that comes from never giving in.

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