My Need for Repentance


Even at an early age, I remember collecting and memorizing Gospel verses that would inspire me no end. I often wondered whether I would have been one of his followers if I had lived during the time of Jesus. Many then considered his followers as lunatic fringe groupies. Jesus hung out and mixed with the outcasts and rejects of society: the poor, prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, outcasts of society. He was called a blasphemer by the authorities, the worst possible crime you could be accused of as a Jew. It was dangerous to be seen in his company. He did not pay any salary nor wages to those who followed him but instead challenged them to give up everything. But all things considered, I would probably have spent some time, some days or even weeks with him. But to totally surrender my life to him? I am still struggling with that question to this very day. I have tried to be a good follower but . . . .

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