A Christ Believer


I seek to be good because of the challenge of Christ for me to be perfect,
seeking this goodness by doing good for others.
He does not call those who are perfect.
But those he calls he brigs to perfection and the fullness of life.
When he came and proclaimed the good news; he sought out sinners,
tax collectors (who even then were already known to be utterly corrupt),
loose women, and simple folks.

He had a special place in his heart for the outcasts and the abandoned like the poor, children, widows, the sick. He sought out and called the last, the lost and the least.
And he transformed their lives by bringing them wholeness and sharing with them his perfection. This is the perennial attraction of Christ for me.

A Christian’s radical humanism is born out of an unshakable trust in God, which does not rely on its own works but on God’s grace.To be a Christian is to realize a radical humanism which can cope with all that is positive as well as with all that is negative.

“By following Jesus Christ, 
people in the world today
can live, act, suffer and die
in a truly human way,
in happiness and unhappiness, 
in life and death,
sustained by God
and helpful to fellow men and women.”
~ Hans Kung

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