The Rainbow Connection


Nothing stirs the hopes, dreams and excitement in the human heart than the sight of a rainbow.

Rainbows come after the rains.
And rain comes with clouds,


We all dream of a world where there would be “no more tears”,
a world where people would live in peace and harmony.
It is the rainbow connection.

I see glimpses of such heaven as when I watch Jonathan
growing in age and wisdom right before my eyes
or Jane snuggling up to my lap to watch her favorite TV show,
or just singing and dancing my funny songs to put Maia to sleep.
Literally, heaven on earth. Fills me with hope, dreams and excitement.
Yet, there is still a lot of pain and sufferings in the world.
I see a lot of greed, selfishness and pride in myself,
in the world.
Could pain and sufferings but be signposts on our way to a new earth?
The rainbow connection?

Today, I pray:
‘Jesus, you often speak about having to suffer.
May I have the courage to bear patiently the crosses that life sends me.
May I believe that unavoidable suffering, patiently endured,
brings good to the world, as your death did.’

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