IMG_1197.JPGWhat am I most afraid of?
When I was young I was afraid of the dark.
I was afraid of whatever ghoulish creatures might be lurking there.
I was afraid of getting lost,
of not being able to go back home.

These days, I am afraid of getting hurt,
not being appreciated,
not being of value or help to others specially to those I love,
being alone and isolated,
not accomplishing anything of significance.
And these are ghosts scarier than the ghoulish creatures from my childhood,
more frightening than getting lost and not being able to come home.

Why am I afraid?
Because I might not be able to handle the pain and suffering
and I might be broken beyond healing.
But isn’t fear merely a phantom?
Like a child afraid of the dark,
aren’t my fears mere shadows
born out of my loneliness or even selfishness?

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3 Responses to Fears

  1. I share your fears. And I know they’re much stronger than the one we used to have in thr childhood. The difference is that today we’re aware of them.

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