From Our Source And Back


Following Jesus often sounds foolish and foolhardy
in the face of the self-serving pragmatism of the world.
And yet, his way seems to me the only way
the world can save itself from self-destruction.

The world has never had so much material goods as in the present times;
and yet there are billions who survive on less than a dollar day.
Who will feed the hungry, clothe the naked and welcome the homeless?
Not the bankers nor traders in Wall street for sure
but those who respond and resonate with the call of Jesus for love and generosity.

There has never been a more interconnectedness in the world
than the one we are living in today;
and yet we are kept apart from one another
by so much anger, hatred, violence and the desire for revenge.
Who will stop the cycle of violence so that we can live in peace and harmony?
Not world leaders who foment the anger and hatred even among their own people;
but those who listen and follow the call of Jesus for peace and forgiveness.

There world has never enjoyed so much material comforts and luxuries as today;
and yet there has never been as much pain, anguish and suffering in the world.
Who will ease the pain and bind the wounds to make us whole and holy again?
Not those who wallow in comfort, luxury and sofalarity;
but those who take up their cross daily to live simple lives
dedicated to serving and loving others.

Just as the mountain stream cascades from its spring
to flow and rejoin its vast source – the ocean,
The right path for us is also pretty much obvious:
but obviously one that is not often taken.

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