When Nighttime Comes


I am feeling adrift on a dark and dreadful sea
It is all shadows and darkness lurking around me
The light of reason had been snuffed out suddenly
Where to go from here is now difficult to see.

Just yesterday, there was sunlight, joy, and hope
Now it seems I’m barely clinging to the end of the rope
It is all too distressing and a challenge to cope
I feel like hiding in a corner to weep and mope.

It took time in coming but eventually it did
It started in trickles then the progression was rapid
People thought it would eventually turn splendid
But it increasingly got to be more and more vapid.

It started with oft repeated little lies, then a false report
Soon it becomes easier for people to change and distort
The news that is fake and  aired without support
And the air is poisoned with prevarications of all sorts.

Lawmakers and judges think they are above the law
It is not for them but only for the commoners below
Priests and pastors behave like they are above sinning
Giving themselves license to do about anything.

But there is beauty to see even on the darkest night
The moon and the stars dispel the shadows with their light
There will be the morning to again make all things bright
But what if this darkness will forever keep the light out of sight?

I always want to face life with hope, a smile and joy
But I fear the darkness will forever blot out and destroy
All the things I deeply love and truly enjoy?
That would indeed be misery without alloy.




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