The Universe in a Flower, II


I wake up every morning always thrilled
by the sunrise streaming through my window
grateful for the breaking of another day.

I imagine the sun’s light traveling millions of miles
and suffusing the entire earth with life giving energy.
the numbers are mind-boggling:
the earth is some 93 million miles away from earth,
the sun is more than a hundred times bigger than earth,
about 1.3 million earths can fit inside the sun.
And to think the sun is but a medium sized star.

It is amazing how plants and other living things
absorb and store this energy,
each in its own unique way.
We eat plants and meat from animals who also eat the plants
to give us the energy we need to keep alive.

This is cycle of life – energy from the sun
eventually is the same energy that power up our cells.
Studying the stars and the universe,
Einstein saw the interconnectedness of everything that exists.
The bee that sips nectar from flowers,
which have been energized by the sun,
produces the honey that feed us.
Our bodies eventually die to serve as food
for new plants and the cycle repeats itself.

Einstein also the oneness of creation.
One of his insights is that energy is never destroyed.
It is merely changed into other forms.
Einstein, through his genius, discovered and proved
our interconnectedness and our oneness with the rest of the universe.
It took the development of science centuries
to understand and clarify this cycle of life
– how we are all connected to and one in the sun’s energy.
It takes longer, or sooner, for men to see
how God’s grace also permeates all of creation
making it one, whole and holy.
Longer, if one were only to believe in the sciences.
Sooner, if one chooses to see with the eyes of faith.


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