Spring Is Here





Spring always speak to me of hope and a new creation.
An assurance that after the gloom of winter,
the earth comes back alive with an explosion of colors and fresh life.
For no matter how dark and dreary winter is,
spring augers the the coming back to life of everything that lives.

You see, I sometimes struggle with belief in eternal life:
how can we live forever when everything eventually dies and rots?
I may find some affirmation of eternal live in science
It is now an accepted fact that matter is indestructible.
Ice melts and disappears but water it turns into is the same is the same H2O.
When heated up the water disappears
but the H2O persists and is transformed into steam or vapor or clouds.
And so it is with other matter.
One form may disappear; only to be transformed into another form.
But the amount of matter and energy remains the same.

I often think that out of single molecule (a singularity),
God can create a whole new universe.
In the beginning, the big bang was an intense explosion of light and energy.
The entire universe then was entirely made of simple elements, like hydrogen.
Over billions of years, these simple atoms habe been
transformed into more and more complex elements.
What Teilhard de Chardin described and termed as
Cosmogenesis – the evolution of the physical universe,
Biogenesis – the emergence of life,
Noogenesis – the development of consciousness,
the consciousness that we human beings are.

Even now, I believe my God is transforming me,
slowly but surely, into something more sophisticated –
bigger, better and more enduring, more loving and more giving.
Yes, somehow spring tells me how eternal life is possible.
A Creator who can make the whole universe from a single atom
can also guarantee that I will live forever.

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