Questions And Answers


Man yearns and searches for certainty and answers.
A lot of questions usually crop up in his searching.
Easy answers answers are usually the wrong answers.
And so are obvious answers often.

Can a helpless baby born under simple, humble circumstances
be indeed the long awaited Messiah?
Obvious answer: No, because the Messiah was supposed to come in glory.
Real answer: Yes, the shepherds (insignificant people) and the Magi (foreigners, outcasts) came offering him gifts.

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?
Obvious answer: No, it is a hick town in the backwater parts of the country.
Real answer: Yes, it was where Christ grew up in age, wisdom and grace before God and men.

Can there be anything but a bitter ending in Calvary?
Obvious answer: No, this was the end, a shameful ending to a quixotic adventure.
Real answer: Yes, this is the prelude to the greatest event of all, the Resurrection.

Can I amount to anything at all?
Obvious answer: Come on you are so ordinary and one in billions.
What makes you think you are special?
Real answer: I am a child of the Universe no less than than the trees and the stars.

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