To Be A Child, Yet Again


Version 2

For most adults, to see is to believe.
For children, to believe is to see.
Spanning his arms as wings, a child will believe he can fly.
To be a child is to live at the threshold of creation,
seeing and experiencing everything for the first time
with wide-eyed wonder and open-mouthed awe.
Seeing the promise there is in life,
a child will believe in forever.
For to be a child is to live in the eternal here and now,
beyond the adult’s categories of space and time,
relishing each moment and not wishing for the day to end
yet always hopeful for a better tomorrow to dawn.
To be a child is see goodness in everyone and everything:
in the playmates with whom he weaves his fantasies,
in the wide open fields he romps in all day long,
in the trees he climbs for their fruits but also to see beyond.
To be a child is not looking for a catch in kindness,
believing that kindness and goodness is the natural state of people and things,
To be a child is giving joy to all just by being one’s self.
Oh, to be a child.

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