Freedom And Nature


I love nature.
Its beauty is an endless source of inspiration and stimulation for me.
Everything in nature is governed by the laws of nature.
What goes up must come down.
Everything breaks down or dies eventually.
Every living thing is driven by and blindly follows its instincts.
There is beauty in the sunflower always turning its face to the sun.
But it is pure natural law and instinct that makes it do that.

It is autumn and trees shed leaves in a wild profusion of colors.
Winter comes and birds and butterflies migrate to warmer climes.
Even the cells and organs in my body are driven and governed by the laws of nature.
Antibodies are automatically mobilized when my body is invaded by pathogens. Whenever I eat, digestive juices and enzymes are secreted to process my food intake.
My body naturally repairs and makes itself whole again when I rest and go to sleep.

And yet the sum total of all these cells and organs, which is the person that is me,
has the freedom NOT to be driven by instincts.
When I get hungry, I can choose not to eat,
or I can choose what to eat, or how much to eat.
When I get tired, I can choose to rest or go on working to finish any task at hand.
When in heat, animals just succumb to their sexual drives.
I can sublimate mine.
While everything else eventually breaks down and dies,
I shall live forever.
This may sound hard to believe to some, or even many.
But my freedom is one sure sign I shall live forever.

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