Lord Of The Sabbath

Then he said to them, “The Son of Man is lord of the sabbath.”
~ Luke 6:5

The Lord of the Sabbath is also the Lord of Creation.

I wake up every morning to a new. refreshed and recreated world. As I sit in prayer, the sun slowly rises over the horizon, gently at dawn till it reaches its scorching heights at noon. The birds sing perched in the trees outside my room. The mountains stand in guard over the valley, where rivers and streams water the fertile land to make this place the valley of the heart’s delight. Nothing and no one seem to have a particular reason to be where they are. And yet together, they make the place one awesome sight. There is so much beauty all around.

Such is nature. It is perfect. Everything looks so random and yet together, there is simply spectacular beauty. Everything falls into place and it all makes sense. Nature is prodigal and yet never random. It has been here for billions of years and yet it gets renewed everyday. There is constant death and destruction and yet everything is constantly re-created. Nothing ever goes to waste. The debris and detritus of the old become the seeds and origin of the new.

Like a cosmic kaleidoscope, everything in our world gets turned upside down regularly. But with every turn, new shapes emerge; new combinations are formed; new colors burst forth. The beauty we see must be infinite for it never ends. The goodness of the earth keeps on giving even when it has to end in destruction in the giving. The truth simply is irrefutable that there is a Lord of Creation who lords it over what we see. In response, I can only treat everything and everyone with love and care, with kindness and gentleness.

“Lord, I praise you and I thank you
for the beauty of your creation for we see a glimpse of your infinite beauty. 
for the goodness that your creation brings us and may we share in your infinite goodness.
for the truth that you teach us through your creation, the truth the lives in our hearts.
May we always respond to your love and care with our own loving and caring, feeble and frail it may be.”

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