Mama. Ima. Nanay. Mother.


Jesus said to his disciples:
“When a woman is in labor, she is in anguish because her hour has arrived;
but when she has given birth to a child,
she no longer remembers the pain because of her joy
that a child has been born into the world.”
~ John 16:21

It is Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

I cannot but help think and be grateful for the mother of my three sons and my own mother. Anabelle is a dream that became a reality in my life as my wife. She is not perfect but she has been the perfect forever partner for me and she has been the perfect mother to Martin, Mikey and Macky.

Growing up, the three kids always wanted to snuggle up to their Mama to soothe and calm them down to sleep. And they all snuggled up to her in different ways. Martin loved to feel the softness of his Mama’s lingerie. Mickey would always reach out to hold Mama’s hand. Macky would always stretch out his hand to caress Mama’s long hair.

Martin loved the softness and the satiny feel of the sheer clothing that Mama wore for sleeping. In the face of life’s challenges, adversities and difficulties, he was sure that there would always be softness, gentleness, tenderness, comfort and solace waiting for him in Mama’s bosom. Home is safety and home is in Mother’s embrace.

Mickey loved to hold his Mama’s hands. It was an assurance. More than that, it meant guidance and direction where to go. When lost and confused, there is nothing more reassuring that a Mama’s hand to hold on to and to guide him. Home is where you go to when one is lost and confused. There is no surer way to find one’s way back than to reach out for Mother’s hands.

Macky loves to stroke his Mama’s hair to put himself to sleep. One time, she had her hair cut short and Macky was startled when he reached out for it and the hair was not there. It is Mama’s certain presence that saves Macky from the startling surprises in life. And for the important and life-changing moments in his life, nothing is more reassuring than the loving presence of Mother.

Tenderness. Guidance. Loving Presence. These are what I feel have defined Mama for my children. They are the same quality that I now realize I am most thankful for in Ima.

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