Being The Beloved


“And when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.'” Luke 3:21-22

I have always felt I am blessed. Looking back at my recent experiences, I am dismayed how I have forgotten and lost sight of this precious insight. Since my youth, I have always felt and knew I was different and that I was special. Not that I am particularly outstanding but that there no other one like me. I am one of a kind and therefore special.

Would the world be better or worse if I were not born? I will never know; because the fact is I exist and I will never know of a world without me. The world is what it is today; and it has me in it. There is no other way the world can exist. No less than the trees and the sky, I have a right to be here. There is a reason I am here.

I have led a happy and fulfilled life. I had everything I needed to do what I have done. There is nothing that I deeply wanted or truly needed that I did not have. I love explorations and new things; I was given a life that continuously opened new and undiscovered places, people and events I never have imagined possible. And I have been a big part in some people’s lives. I love beauty and I have been blessed with the beautiful, the good and the true to fill up all my senses. like. I love music; but I cannot sing properly and often out of tune. But my life had been lived like a soundtrack is always playing in the background, surrounded as I have been with friends and family who play the most beautiful sounds and rhythms.

All of what have happened to me may have happened because it was the natural unfolding of things. Like, I do not need a god to explain or understand how good my life has been. And yet here is the thrilling thought: there is a God who has a personal interest in me, for whom I am special and a beloved. It simply blows my mind that a though of me resides in an infinite mind.

There are those who have more than I do, who are more than I am. That does not bother me nor do I envy them. It is enough that I am loved in an infinite way by a loving God who has called me by name and in whose palm my name is written for eternity.

There are those who have less than I do, who are less than I am. I care for them and I can imagine myself being one of them. I do what I can to help but I also learn to accept the possibility that I could be one of them. I can live with only half of what I have or am, and maybe even less, and still live a happy and fulfilled life. Knowing that I am loved by God is portion enough for me.


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