Watching the unfolding of events in the Philippines makes my heart bleed in sadness and frustration. Barely two weeks after the euphoric and joyful visit of Pope Francis, here we are again, entangled in the quagmire of the Mamasapano Massacre. How can we allow such a tragedy to happen? And now that it has happened, how can our leaders be so bumbling and bungling in handling it? Why do I get the feeling those involved are not telling us the whole truth? How can we forever be always be mired in such mediocrity and acts of  moral turpitude? Why? Why?

And yet there is so much truth, goodness, beauty and love in our country and our people to sing songs about for all eternity. People love coming to the Philippines because they see so much beauty and are enthralled by the irrepressible joy of the people. When the Filipinos love, they show it in so many ways that many foreigners chose us for their life partners. And when the chips are down, you can always count on the Filipinos to be there to help.

Herod feared John for he spoke the truth that “It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife.” Yet, he liked to listen to him, for John spoke of goodness and Godly things. We are essentially good deep in our hearts. We long for beauty and we recognize the truth. In our better moments, we would rather love and serve others than to hate or despise them. And yet, there is the unredeemed in us that would drive us to do the opposite. The beginning of salvation is the realization that we are people in need of redemption.

The Lord is my light and my salvation.
~ Psalm 27
Herod feared John, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man,
and kept him in custody.
When he heard him speak he was very much perplexed,
yet he liked to listen to him.
Mark 6:14-29
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